Posted: 13 June 2022

Next up in our getting to know the team series is Dale. Find out from Dale how he’s finding working at Ashorne Hill and what his future career goals are.

Your name: Dale Murphy

Your job title: Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill for?
Since January 10th, so a little over 6 months.

What are the priorities in your current role?
My current role is to provide operational support to our Food and Beverage Operations Manager, and to mentor our team members to give them direction and really grow and nurture our team’s abilities.

Ashorne Hill recently launched their new summer menus, what’s been the most popular dishes so far?
Our summer menus are based around great fresh and healthy food, and we’ve found a real appetite for just that with our guests. The standout meal for me would be our salmon and pea wellington; a balanced, healthy, and wholesome dish.

Ashorne Hill’s mission is to create growth through people, can you explain a little about how your career is being allowed to grow at Ashorne Hill?
At Ashorne Hill I am able to use my industry knowledge to enhance elements of service by delivering on-the-job training to our staff. I’m able to add input into our department’s direction and service style and I get to enjoy not only my personal career growth but the tandem growth of my team around me at the same time.

In your opinion what makes Ashorne Hill such a great place to work at?
Having come from being Operations Manager of a leisure and event based hotel, coming to Ashorne Hill as Assistant Food & Beverage Manager has allowed me focus on the thing that I enjoy most in the hospitality industry – Food and Beverage. What I wasn’t expecting and have been blown away by in the last 6 months is just how much every staff member cares for each other and the business as a whole. It’s a fantastic working atmosphere that I’ve not experienced anywhere else.

How do you see yourself developing next at Ashorne Hill. What are your future career goals?
I’ve really enjoyed my time so far here as Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, I would like the opportunity to use my prior experience so I’m always looking to further myself and will always put myself forward for new challenges and opportunities should they arise.

Tell us your favourite thing about working at Ashorne Hill.
Hands down, it’s got to be the people I work with, not just in the restaurant, bar, and kitchen but all departments. The people are who make Ashorne Hill what it is.