Posted: 13 June 2022

Emma is one of the newer members of the learning team here at Ashorne Hill. Find out how she’s finding her role so far and why she thinks the learning programmes on offer are so successful.

Your name: Emma Foote

Your job title: LMS Content Coordinator

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill?
Just 9 months.

What are the priorities in your current role?
Developing the functionalities of our Learning Management System to ensure the content is accessible.

In your opinion, what makes the learning programmes at Ashorne Hill so unique?
The variety of activities included in our learning programmes, both online and face-to-face, which keeps the learners engaged and assists with retention.

Ashorne Hill’s mission is to create growth through people, can you explain a little about how your career was allowed to grow at Ashorne Hill?
Since starting at Ashorne Hill I’ve been involved in multiple digital projects, which allowed me to hone my skills as a content coordinator. I’ve also had the opportunity to be included in interesting projects outside my day-to-day role, which has helped widen my understanding of strategy, marketing and content creation.

How do you see yourself developing next at Ashorne Hill. What are your future career goals?
With the help of the team at Ashorne Hill, I hope to sidestep my career in learning and development from back-end system management to customer facing facilitation.

Ashorne Hill is currently recruiting a number of roles across the business. For job hunters out there what advise can you offer them when applying?
Check, check and double check! Remember, the only information a company you’re applying to has to go on is your CV, so it’s important that it aptly reflects your capability and don’t forget to use spell check.

In your opinion what makes Ashorne Hill such a great place to work at?
The family feel (you’re considered so much more than a number) and the amazing location.