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Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

We create experiences that nurture and inspire in a natural setting

Our Values

One Team

We act as one team; inclusive, respectful, loyal and committed, actively supporting one another and recognising our collective achievements.

We demonstrate a positive attitude in our approach to colleagues and customers, working towards our shared goals, and holding each other accountable

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We constantly seek to understand and care for our customers and each other, to help us grow and build lasting relationships.

We nurture each other to work to the best of our ability. We constantly seek opportunities to grow and develop ourselves and each other.

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We are open, trustworthy and honest, challenging decisions constructively and suggesting alternative solutions.

We are trusted to make appropriate decisions and take responsibility for delivery of our commitments.

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We are committed to environmental sustainability and Ashorne’s impact on the world around us; reducing, re-using and recycling wherever possible.

We are invested in the future of Ashorne, being thoughtful and protective in our use of its assets and resources.

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We are flexible, adaptable and dynamic.

We embrace the drive for transformation and work at pace to achieve it.

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We believe in ourselves, are confident in each other, and are committed to making the progress required to secure Ashorne Hill’s future.

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We challenge the way we do things, evolve our processes and embrace new ideas.

We seek to inspire progress, change and growth, through problem solving and creativity.

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Our Behaviours

  • I am inclusive and respectful of others
  • I am open, trustworthy, and honest
  • I take responsibility for delivering my commitments
  • I always work to the best of my ability and seek opportunities to develop myself
  • I take decisions when it is appropriate to do so
  • With appropriate regard to safety, I work at pace
  • I always look to use assets and resources wisely, reducing waste, re-using resources, and recycling wherever possible
  • I have a positive and supportive attitude towards customers and colleagues
  • I am flexible, adaptable, and creative, regularly looking to solve problems
  •  I challenge the way things are done, looking to improve processes, and come up with new ideas
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