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Our Learning Environment

Creating nurturing learning experiences tailored for you.

Your Environment

Ashorne Hill is the perfect place to learn. We combine purpose-built learning facilities and beautiful outside spaces in one magnificent setting, allowing you to breathe, reflect and be inspired.

We can also design, tailor, and deliver the same experiential learning in the environment of your choice, anywhere and at scale.

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Wellness is always at the centre of what we do because we believe it is a fundamental building block of successful learning experiences.

We design and deliver training across digital, virtual, and face-to-face platforms with wellness, safety, space, sharing, reflection, and collaboration built into every programme.

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Inclusive and Experiential learning

We believe learning should be a personal, fun, and inclusive experience.

We work hard to ensure our learning is designed and delivered in ways that make it accessible, relevant, and practical for everyone.

We continuously invest in our facilities and learning design to ensure everyone can benefit from what we offer.

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Digital learning

We design digital learning solutions that keep pace with the modern world, giving you greater flexibility, access, and personal accountability in your learning journey.

Our digital solutions can be used standalone or as part of a rich blend of different learning experiences to support and accelerate your learning.

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