Posted: 12 July 2022

Next up in our getting to know you series is Learning and Development Manager Rich Tricker. Find out all about Rich’s role on the Learning Team and how he’s developing coaching models to help people improve business performance.

Your name: Rich Tricker

Your job title: Learning and Development Manager

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill for?
I started at Ashorne Hill in September 2017.

What is the focus and priorities in your current role?
Creating and sharing valuable learning that helps people perform even better in their roles. As well as delivering lots of face-to-face learning programmes and virtual classrooms, I am developing coaching models to help people adopt a conversation, natural and practical approach to improving business performance.

In your opinion, what makes the learning programmes at Ashorne Hill so successful and unique?
The long-term value people get. In all our learning programmes we create environments (virtual and physical) which encourage receptivity. We enable clear understanding and demonstrate practical opportunities for people to put what they’ve learnt into practice.

What can learners expect from Ashorne Hill?
We want learners to get value from what they’re learning, so accessibility, flexibility and receptivity are key factors. Organisations work with us as partners to help them with challenges and to help make things even better. Individuals can expect to be welcomed (in person or virtually), to feel ‘part of’ whatever learning they are taking part in, to feel supported, stretched, challenged, and rewarded. Most of all they should expect to learn stuff that will help them make a valuable difference. As a result of learning with Ashorne Hill, individuals can expect to be doing things (or at least something) differently and experiencing improved results

Ashorne Hill’s mission is to create growth through people, can you explain a little about how your career was allowed to grow at Ashorne Hill?
As well as having the opportunity to study for professional qualifications (a benefit of working for a top-class organisation) I learn from the thousands of people I am lucky enough to work with – growth through people shouldn’t be a one-way street. I help others grow themselves, others help me grow myself.

How do you see yourself developing next at Ashorne Hill? What are your future career goals?
We are seeing a growing appreciation that for any organisation, it is people who make the difference. For me this means we have to ensure we are constantly ‘sharpening the saw (Covey’s 7th habit). I’m constantly curious about different perspectives on how we learn and how we put that learning into practice, if I can keep bringing that to Ashorne Hill, sharing with learners and colleagues, and making a difference, that is very satisfying for me. My development at Ashorne Hill is ongoing, and I’m very happy with that trajectory.

In your opinion what makes Ashorne Hill a great place to work at?
Beautiful grounds, fantastic people, and a shared purpose of making things even better.

Tell us your favourite thing about Ashorne Hill.
The views every day, the sounds of the birds singing in the trees, the quiet still atmosphere that envelopes the grounds when there’s a thick blanket of snow on the ground, the smiles on people’s faces, the listening ears on the occasions when I don’t have a smile on my face, the sense of purpose, progress and accomplishment, mutual respect and appreciation…

My favourite thing about Ashorne Hill is how the whole place makes me feel.