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KTP Success Stories

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Our KTP Success Stories 

KTP Associates who have attended their management training at Ashorne Hill have praised our expert facilitation and premium learning location. Read our KTP success stories below:


Dr Joyjit Chatterjee |  Ms Bethany Procter | Dr Usman Sikander  | Mr Ryan Foley

Dr Joyjit Chatterjee


IT & Digital Data Scientist


Listed in Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Europe, Dr Joyjit Chatterjee is an inspiring data scientist specialising in working with AI products that boost manufacturing processes and energy. His incredible work as the R&D Data Scientist at Reckitt has won him a Certificate of Excellence, rated outstanding, by innovate UK where they commended his development of novel AI models for shelf-life prediction and optimisation of healthcare formulations.

The main highlights for Dr Chatterjee on the KTP programme were the innovative conversations surrounding communication, stakeholder management, and discovering the value and impact of the KTP projects.

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Ms Bethany Procter


Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) Associate


Graduating from the University of Plymouth in Product and 3D Design, Bethany Procter’s KTP journey with Optimal has given her a multitude of benefits and opportunities to further her career. From building her confidence with senior and C-suite leaders to developing a deeper understanding of commercial and business expertise, Bethany demonstrates the valuable skills that KTPs provide for their Associates.

The challenges that Bethany found during her KTP project varied from a few encounters of conflict to finding more assertiveness with company directors. Bethany then came to Ashorne Hill for the KTP Management Training programme where she was able to develop her understanding of management roles and how to navigate conflicting situations. Module 2 significantly helped Bethany to understand different aspects of how businesses function and how to capture new initiatives.

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Dr Usman Sikander


Sustainable Composites Materials Engineer


Dr Usman Sikander is a shining example of how Ashorne Hill help KTP Associates develop and grow their critical human skills to take into their professional fields. After completing his PhD in Aerospace Engineering, specialising in Advanced Composites at the University of Bristol, he is now completing his KTP project at TRB Lightweight Structures as a Sustainable Composites Materials Engineer. In this project, Dr Sikander is investigating and creating bio-based and sustainable materials to be incorporated in the aerospace and rail industry. However, whilst completing this KTP project, he has found that overcoming communication barriers and managing expectations to be a challenge to achieve his objectives and goals.


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Mr Ryan Foley


AR/MR Systems Developer


With a passion for computer game and software development, Ryan Foley is diving headfirst into the endless possibilities of mixed and augmented reality technologies. With a bachelor’s degree in computer game development from Wrexham University, Ryan has delved into several avenues in the gaming industry and its intricate process in creating a computer game programme.

Ryan is now working with Ruth Lee Ltd, a company who provide professional and realistic training manikins for emergency services. This KTP has been extremely positive and rewarding for Ryan so far and has helped him to work collaboratively with others whilst developing his own understanding and perspectives.

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