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Your Name: Bethany Procter

KTP Company: Optimal

Job Title: Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) Associate

Highest Qualification: Ba Hons


Graduating from the University of Plymouth in Product and 3D Design, Bethany Procter’s KTP journey with Optimal has given her a multitude of benefits and opportunities to further her career. From building her confidence with senior and C-suite leaders to developing a deeper understanding of commercial and business expertise, Bethany demonstrates the valuable skills that KTPs provide for their Associates.

The challenges that Bethany found during her KTP project varied from a few encounters of conflict to finding more assertiveness with company directors. Bethany then came to Ashorne Hill for the KTP Management Training programme where she was able to develop her understanding of management roles and how to navigate conflicting situations. Module 2 significantly helped Bethany to understand different aspects of how businesses function and how to capture new initiatives.

Read below about Bethany’s experience on her KTP project and how the KTP Management programme at Ashorne Hill has helped her tackle the professional field:

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Read below for Bethany’s success story:


What were the aims of your KTP project?

“To use design thinking methods, approaches, and tools to develop new business processes and embed design thinking into the organisation through training and skills transfer to all organisation members.”


What have been the positive and significant experiences from your project?

“I’ve benefited in several ways from this project. It helped to give me an early and comprehensive induction into the dynamics of working on a strategic project within an SME. As a result of this, my confidence in communicating with senior and director-level managers has greatly increased, as well as my general commercial acumen and business understanding. Because of some of the challenges we faced on the project, I had to cultivate effective ways of stakeholder management and conflict resolution, and be more assertive, especially when I was dealing with the company’s directors.

In terms of the project, we developed new systems which had the potential to bring the international team closer and to automate certain areas to reduce workload on key individuals to prevent bottlenecking.”


What were the key challenges you faced?

“Early in the project, we ran into some conflict because different aspects of the partnership had different expectations which had not been clearly expressed, so when we initially tried to deliver a stage, some of the parties felt that their needs hadn’t been met. This conflict stalled the project, while it was resolved. However, once resolved the project team were able to move forward and start to deliver value to all members of the partnership.”


How did your learning programme with Ashorne Hill help?

“Given that the mKTP was my first professional role, I was quite inexperienced in how management worked and also what some of the concerns and perspectives senior managers have. While initial challenges limited my immediate application of this knowledge, once the waters had calmed, I was able to apply much of what I’d learnt.

Ashorne Hill’s programme also provided a good foundation for me to go and do further research myself. For example, the topic of conflict management and stakeholder management helped me to go and do my own research, where I found the DISC model which I use almost daily.”


What aspects of the learning programme have you successfully put into practice?

“Conflict management and stakeholder management mostly, although arguably a little bit of everything. I found the commercial aspect of Module 2 very interesting, and it has helped me to understand the commercial elements of running a business as well as developing new solutions.”


How would you describe the experience of completing your KTP Management training at Ashorne Hill?

“I found it very enjoyable. I like learning new things, so I usually look forward to attending training. It was my first professional training that I’ve been to, so it was interesting to see what I already knew as well as the new content. I found the speakers very engaging and helpful. If you had a question specific to your project, they were happy to discuss it with you, which given some of the challenges I was facing in my project was very helpful.

On a less technical level, I found the experience boosted my self-confidence. Initially, I had been a bit intimidated as I was one of the youngest and least academically qualified people in my cohort, however, the training showed me that age and qualifications don’t account for everything, and that I was able to make meaningful contributions and lead some of my peers in different aspects of the course. This helped me later in my project to trust my own knowledge and expertise and be more assertive in decision-making and communication.”


Would you recommend the KTP Management training to other graduates/postgraduates? Why?

“I might be slightly biased because I was young and didn’t have a higher degree when I started my KTP, but I really believe there are things you can’t learn in academia. The Ashorne Hill training is extremely practical. I’m quite sceptical of management books as I believe there is only so much a book can tell you. I found this training grounded in reality, with good examples which allowed me to understand the concepts and apply them. I also found that my experience in hospitality gave me an advantage in some of the people and conflict management areas over my peers. For those who have limited experience in the world of work, this training can help to give clarity to the variety of different needs that a business may have, as well as how to promote your own work and ideas, communicate with others or start your own business.”


What 3 words best describe your experience at Ashorne Hill?

“Transformational, Insightful, Fun”

Bethany makes a poignant statement in her success story; “there are things you can’t learn in academia.” At Ashorne Hill, we provide learners with the skills that have slipped through universities and academic institutions and help individuals realise their capabilities. We are thrilled that Bethany has been able to find a newfound confidence within her professional career and we are excited to see what she achieves in the future! Find out more about how Ashorne Hill can help your organisation by enquiring now.