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Your Name: Ryan Foley

KTP Company: Ruth Lee Ltd / Wrexham University

Job Title: AR/MR Systems Developer

Highest Qualification: BSc (Hons) Computer Game Development (2:1)


With a passion for computer game and software development, Ryan Foley is diving headfirst into the endless possibilities of mixed and augmented reality technologies. With a bachelor’s degree in computer game development from Wrexham University, Ryan has delved into several avenues in the gaming industry and its intricate process in creating a computer game programme.

Ryan is now working with Ruth Lee Ltd, a company who provide professional and realistic training manikins for emergency services. This KTP has been extremely positive and rewarding for Ryan so far and has helped him to work collaboratively with others whilst developing his own understanding and perspectives. However, there have been some challenges along the way especially with the production of new and advanced technologies to cater to stakeholders’ visions. Ryan took these obstacles on board and attended the KTP management training programme here at Ashorne Hill to develop his people and business skills where he was able to discover suitable solutions to these challenges. His experience with us has helped him delegate fairly with his colleagues and stakeholders whilst maintaining a professional approach.

Read below about Ryan’s KTP project with Ruth Lee Ltd and see how our KTP programme has empowered his confidence and business skills for his future career:

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Read below for Ryan’s success story:


What were the aims of your KTP project?

“To apply next generation mixed reality technologies to transform the delivery of emergency rescue service manikin-based trauma incident training.”


What have been the positive and significant experiences from your project?

“The main positive of the KTP so far has been working with the latest Mixed Reality technology and assisting Ruth Lee build their innovative vision for training with their industry leading manikin range. Each breakthrough has helped to build more excitement and hunger to deliver both the KTP project as well as a desire to continue to develop future innovations in our industry beyond the KTP.

The opportunities for personal development throughout the project have been really positive. Working and collaborating with other innovators has helped to broaden my own perspectives and approaches to the challenges we’ve faced during the project. The KTP project has allowed me to network with some incredibly talented people from industry and academia, as well as other KTP Associates, the project has provided a great platform both for myself as an individual, and Ruth Lee as a business.”


What were the key challenges you faced?

“Being at the cutting edge of Mixed Reality technology, the biggest challenges we have faced has been the limitations of the technology in being able to deliver on our project vision. With the ultimate goal of the project being to provide tangible improvements to first response training in addition to providing commercial benefits to the business through innovation, there has been a lot of pressure to be able to overcome these challenges from stakeholders on the project, given its importance in the business’s future goals.


Ultimately having the knowledge from the learning programme with Ashorne Hill has helped to realistically manage stakeholder expectations whilst we worked on overcoming these technological hurdles; ensuring that the project has remained on track. This knowledge, combined with the support from the business and academic input allowed us to make progress and overcome the challenges we faced, whilst also building my own personal resilience to better equip me to face future challenges.”


How did your learning programme with Ashorne Hill help?

“The lessons from Module 1 were particularly helpful in managing the difficulties we have faced during the project when faced with technological challenges. The training with Ashorne Hill helped me to understand that behind the processes that underpin the management of a successful project are human beings, with anxieties and concerns that need to be considered and acknowledged. The training helped me to understand how stakeholders at different levels benefit from being kept appropriately informed of any challenges being faced. These elements are often overlooked when learning effective project management skills and have proved integral to the successful delivery of our KTP project.


Utilising the skills and knowledge from the Ashorne Hill training helped me to keep stakeholders and team members on board with the project and has helped to foster an environment of support and collaboration between everyone involved in our project both from the business and academic side – which has helped us massively in achieving the progress we have made so far.”


What aspects of the learning programme have you successfully put into practice?

“The learnings from both modules have proved incredibly beneficial to me during the project. I was lucky to have a good background of project management prior to starting my KTP, so I found the training around effective team and stakeholder management to be incredibly beneficial in applying the experience in an environment with more pressure. The skills and lessons around effective leadership have also helped me to establish myself as a future leader within the company I’m working for, something that will help me as my career progresses beyond the KTP.


The training around the commercial considerations has helped me to better consider the commercial implications of decisions we have made during the project. This has helped me to make better decisions to ensure that the project provides commercial benefits to Ruth Lee to allow us to continue to innovate and experiment in the future and deliver on our goal to continually improve the quality of training for our customers.”


How would you describe the experience of completing your KTP Management training at Ashorne Hill?

“The learning experience at Ashorne Hill far exceeded what I expected from the training. The modules really helped to engage everyone involved and sparked debate which helped to further increase the opportunities for learning. The hands-on approach used to help underpin the concepts being covered helped to hammer home each stage of the training.


The facilities and grounds at Ashorne Hill were equally impressive (although the weather for our modules was less so!), providing plenty of space to utilise both during our training sessions and afterwards for unwinding and relaxing. All of the facilities were immaculate, and the staff were incredibly helpful and polite. As any KTP associate who has been to Ashorne Hill will know, the food was also to die for!”


Would you recommend the KTP Management training to other graduates/postgraduates? Why?

“I would absolutely recommend the KTP Management training to other graduates. The quality of teaching and enthusiasm with which the courses are delivered make the learning experience at Ashorne Hill a real highlight of any KTP Associate’s project journey. The beautiful location and excellent facilities provided a great space to focus on training whilst also having a break away from the stresses that can come with managing something as complex as a KTP project.”  


What 3 words best describe your experience at Ashorne Hill?

“Engaging, Inspiring, Enriching.”


We are extremely inspired by Ryan’s project and delighted to see how his learning at Ashorne Hill has benefited him in his project. To find out more about how Ashorne Hill can help your organisation, contact us by enquiring now.