Posted: 23 August 2018

At Ashorne Hill, we are very conscious of living a healthy balanced lifestyle, providing healthy meals as well as indulging once in a while. Therefore, we have introduced ‘Trim Tuesdays’ and ‘Feel Good Friday’. Trim Tuesdays will consist of healthy breakfasts to start your day right, whilst Feel Good Friday will include meals that you can truly indulge in to get you ready for the weekend.

Trim Tuesdays will include one of the following every Tuesday:

  • Baked avocado, crispy bacon and a poached egg on wholemeal toast
  • Sweet potato, bacon and red pepper hash with a poached egg
  • Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a toasted crumpet
  • Butternut squash and avocado hash with a poached egg
  • Smoked haddock kedgeree with a soft poached egg on a bed of spinach
  • Poached egg on smashed avocado toast with tomatoes

Feel Good Fridays will include one of the following every Friday:

  • French Toast with a warm berry compote
  • Peanut Butter porridge topped with caramelised banana
  • Pancakes, berries and maple syrup
  • Waffles with a strawberry compote