Posted: 2 March 2021

Ever wondered who the face is behind the name? We thought we’d shine the spotlight on members of the team at Ashorne Hill. First up is our Venue Sales Manager, Tracey Ashfield.

Your name

Tracey Ashfield

Your job title

Venue Sales Manager

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill?

Wow, I believe it’s 19 years in March this year.

What has been your favourite work moment to date?

We have organised and hosted some really fun and enjoyable fam trips over the years for clients and agents. I’ve enjoyed them all but Ashfest was the most fun yet.

Who is your work wife? The one person you can’t wait to have a face-to-face banter with when we can?

It has to be our Head of Sales Sarah Ellis – We are both Scorpio’s and bounce off one another with ideas and keep each other going when times have been hard. I think we bring the best out in one another. We also always have a good laugh together.

What is your proudest lockdown moment?

Getting back into running and managing to run over 8km.

What are you most looking forward to when Ashorne Hill re-opens?

It has to be seeing my colleagues again. I’ve really missed that human face-to-face interaction and banter. I’m hoping lots of companies are missing the same and planning to organise meetings soon as our beautiful grounds are ready and safe to welcome people back.

What will your colleagues most be looking forward to seeing or hearing from you when they all return?

I’m sure my stories on how I survived home schooling two boys and ‘who wants a cuppa’ ?

Give us the best piece of advice you can for companies thinking about organising that first post-lockdown face-to-face meeting.

I think that first face to face meeting should be informal and just about re-connecting with each other. So much time has passed and just to be able to actually talk face to face, let people know how you are feeling, how they have coped with lockdown etc and to say how they have missed them will make them feel valued. Obviously if that meeting is off site, then you should consider combining it with a spot of team building to re-establish team morale.

At Ashorne Hill we all exude positivity.  Give us your most positive phrase or saying.

Positive thinking!