Posted: 16 March 2021

Next up on our getting to know you blog is our National Sales & Marketing Manager Sarah Ellis.

Your name

Sarah Ellis.

Your job title

National Sales & Marketing Manager.

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill?

It has been 4 years now.

What has been your favourite work moment to date?

Reflecting on this is simply how we seem to grow stronger as a team year by year and celebrate our achievements as a family unit.

Who is your work wife? The one person you enjoy having a face-to-face banter with?

Eeeeek I really don’t want to be upsetting anyone here. Tracey and Renata love them both in such different ways!

What is your proudest lockdown moment?

Finding self worth and self love once again!

What did you look forward to when Ashorne Hill re-opened?

Being reunited with my work family, seeing our regular clients who have become our friends, seeing our beautiful grounds flourishing and filled with people, hearing the noise of hustle and bustle as people thrive on face to face celebrations.

What did your colleagues miss most about you during lockdown?

Probably the hugs.  I am such a personal space invader! Having said that, they also try and run away from my big hugs!

Give us the best piece of advice you can for companies still thinking about organising that first post-lockdown face-to-face meeting.

Make it fun, interactive people will just want to celebrate – we can help with this is so many ways. A team build, an outdoor BBQ in our glorious grounds.

At Ashorne Hill we all exude positivity.  Give us your most positive phrase or saying.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything it is.