Posted: 8 August 2022

Next up in getting to know the team here at Ashorne Hill is our Business Development Director Sarah Ellis.

Your name: Sarah Ellis

Your job title: Business Development Director

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill for?
I’ve worked at Ashorne Hill for five years.

Following your promotion, how has your role changed and what is your main focus now?

I first joined Ashorne Hill as Business Development Manager focussing mainly on driving venue business. With my promotion a few months ago to Business Development Director my role now is to manage all proactive activity to sell the entire Ashorne Hill experience. Our focus is to build one Ashorne Hill and I’m now able to help to merge the business together to represent both learning and venue in terms of Business Development and Marketing. I now also sit on the leadership team which has been a great step up for both my career and personal development.

You must have some great memories; can you tell us of some of your most memorable achievements?

There’s been so many over the years, it’s difficult to choose but I think what I’m most proud of is how I’ve been able to get Ashorne Hill known in the market place. When I first started it was almost a hidden secret but now it has come alive with lots of new business. I’m proud of the role I’ve played in helping drive new business.

Ashorne Hill’s mission is to create growth through people, can you explain a little about how your career was allowed to grow at Ashorne Hill?

Ashorne Hill is undoubtedly a supportive employer. Right from when I first joined I was given autonomy in my role. Now in my new role in particular I’ve been able to really make the role my own and been trusted to do so. Both Renata Homer and Jon West have been and continue to be great mentors to me.

Our main purpose at Ashorne Hill is to develop people to achieve their potential and this is certainly true for not only our clients but for the team too. It’s a company that is open to change and new possibilities which I find inspiring.

In your opinion what makes Ashorne Hill such a great place to work at?

It goes without saying that the venue and the grounds are stunning. There’s so much flexible space available – both inside and out. Combined with the team culture, trust and leadership support, you’ve got a great place to work. Not forgetting all the great clients I get to meet too.

In your opinion, what makes Ashorne Hill such a unique venue?

It’s such a unique offering, we are blessed with a stunning venue that attracts wonderful clients for learning and development and personal growth.

How do you see yourself developing next at Ashorne Hill?

2022 is certainly an exciting time for Ashorne Hill with so much happening. The core focus is aligning both our venue and learning businesses as we look to new opportunities to grow our entire offering.

Right now is a an exciting time to develop new and existing partnerships and really begin to move forward with ideas on how we deliver an even better Ashorne Hill experience. I’ve got a fantastic team around me to create growth and I can’t wait to see the results of all our hard work.

What is your favourite thing about Ashorne Hill?

It has got to be the people that make Ashorne Hill what it is. Each and every member of the team I work with across the business all have a positive contribution to the business.