Posted: 1 September 2022

Next up in our getting to know the team here at Ashorne Hill is our Director of Learning & Development James Lee.

Your name: James Lee

Your job title: Director of Learning & Development

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill for?

I joined in January 2021.

What changes to the learning environment have you seen since joining Ashorne Hill and most recently post covid?

I think much has changed since I joined Ashorne Hill and now post-covid. The world of learning and how people want to learn in particular, has changed. The desire to get together and enjoy collaborative, in person learning for some is as hungry as ever. For others, it makes more sense for a number of reasons to absorb their learning in bite-size, easily accessible and pull-down formats.

What challenges do you see learners and companies facing and how can Ashorne Hill help overcome these challenges?

I think as hybrid working has become the new norm for many, the way managers manage and learners learn has changed. Many topics are easily delivered in a digital or virtual environment, and this makes for easier consumption in many cases. However, for inter-personal skills development, the clue is in the words, and this can be more of a challenge.

Following your promotion, how has your role changed and what is your main focus now?

It is not just my role but the team too, who have changed. We are growing the team across the disciplines we have in the department, which now allows me more time to be more strategic, support the business development team, develop our programme offering and extend our reach.

Ashorne Hill’s mission is to create growth through people, can you explain a little about how your career was allowed to grow at Ashorne Hill?

I joined Ashorne Hill as Programme Director, then became Learning Solutions Manager and now Head up L&D. We focus on staff development across the team and that includes the senior members. However, I do feel that part of this involves self-development and personal growth. If you want it to, every day can be a school day – get involved and ask more questions about the areas you don’t fully understand – “that’s my motto.”

In your opinion what makes Ashorne Hill such a great place to work at?

My opinion appears to be shared by many others including our guests and customers:
1). It is a beautiful place in every sense.
2). It is a beautiful place in every sense.
3). It is a beautiful place… Oh, have I already mentioned that? You get my drift.

In your opinion, what makes Ashorne Hill an ideal choice for learning?

I am biased of course, but without quoting feedback from our learners directly, we have the best of all worlds. Fantastic learning spaces, the right technology and infrastructure but most of all the mix of indoor and outside spaces. Our learners choices include tipis, geodesic domes, quiet, ‘not so quiet’, woodland, fields, walks – and that is if you’re here. Otherwise, you can access your learning digitally or virtually but guided by one of our expert facilitators at every step.

What is next for the learning team? How do you see the next 12 months developing?

Our focus is to provide our customers with learning that is delivered at the right level, right time, their choice of place and their choice of format. So, we are focused on creative, exciting, and practical modules that can be digested across platforms but importantly in their time, should that be their choice. Content, content, content!

Ashorne Hill exudes positivity and creativity, give us your most positive phrase or saying.

Live, ‘live’!

And finally, what is your favourite thing about Ashorne Hill.

The trees!