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Our Approach

A totally unique way of learning
Our Approach

What really makes us different is that we deliver theory online for application in the workplace, then bring learners together to facilitate discussion on what they have learnt and more importantly how it was applied. This cohesion between online and face to face really does embed learning. Over the last 12 months, our training solutions have been transformed into digital first programmes allowing you the flexibility to train your graduates and managers when and where you want. A truly innovative and dynamic approach, giving flexibility to the learning experience.

Why choose Ashorne Hill?

We’re an early career development specialist with a proven track record of delivering high quality learning that ‘creates growth through people’.

Cost Effective Training

To say we provide cost effective training means it must be value for money, which it is. We also must add value to your business, which we do.

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Personalised Learning Experience

From the course overview right through to the post evaluation we provide a personal touch through a dedicated trainer coach. No computer generated voices, just us!

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Tailoring to Business Needs

We also tailor learning to meet specific company or sector needs, with the addition of modules that range from hard skills to bespoke client requirements.

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The Ashorne Hill Quality Promise

We guarantee our training will be better than our competitors and will support growth of employees ready and skilled to perform, achieve and transition to the next level in your business.

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