Posted: 7 November 2023


This summer Ashorne Hill had the pleasure of hosting a leadership and development event for our client JLR. The event took place over a 4-week period where we welcomed over 2,000 delegates to our beautiful Ashorne Hill.


The run up to the big day was exciting as the plan evolved and the team assembled to pull together a programme of 12 repeat day events with 200 delegates and fifteen facilitators at each one.


Our client requested for a bespoke tented village, which consisted of 1 large marquee, 3 smaller marquees, 6 tipis, 3 luxury toilets, and a catering tent with over 400 meters of matting and bunting connecting the areas. The event was wholly delivered in the tented village with registration tent, car parking marshalls and health and safety considerations all covered.


From the outset the client’s objective was of nurturing the attendees, creating a very different experience and opening minds and hearts to a new way of thinking.  Healthy food, sustainable products and delivering opportunities for personal reflection were important aspects for the programme.


The programme required subcontracting over 10 different aspects of the set up at a level unseen at Ashorne Hill before. Our man on the ground was Josh Tucker, Operations Manager who sourced, negotiated and booked all the services to set the framework for our clients to deliver their event. With over 2,000 attendees the strong relationship between Ashorne Hill and our client JLR was critical in ensuring that each event went smoothly and the days ran seamlessly. Even the British weather did not put us off!


Staying true to our Ashorne Hill values on sustainability, we delivered the healthy lunch box in eco-packaging with overall around 10,000 pieces of disposable vegware being used during the programme. Delegates were encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles to fill at the water stations so that we didn’t need to use plastic water bottles which could have been in their thousands.


Our client also donated some honey produced by their own bees which Ashorne Hill was able to incorporate into one of the elements of the nutritious food provided.  The plants sourced for inside the village structures were all re-homed to either individuals or offices across the two companies and other went on to be part of charitable events, many other purchases were repurposed for future use.


Jon West, Managing Director at Ashorne Hill said “It was such a pleasure to host JLR for their leadership and development event this summer. Our team showed up in true Ashorne Hill fashion and delivered a fantastic event for our client. From providing an excellent bespoke space tailored to our client’s needs, to welcoming delegates, serving delicious meals and exceptional customer service – I cannot thank them enough.”


Renata Homer, General Manager at Ashorne Hill said “The last 4-weeks have been amazing. This event has shown that dreaming big can be achieved. Challenging perhaps, but impossible, no.”


Well, the discussions remain open now about what next with our client?  Something equally exciting, demanding and of course making a difference.


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