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Meet Ian, our experienced Learning and Development Associate here at Ashorne Hill.

Specialising in designing and delivering interactive, engaging and impactful development programmes, creating learning environments where learners can feel empowered, challenged, and share thoughts and experience.  


Ian Andrews

Learning and Development Assoiciate at Ashorne Hill

Ian’s motivational approach to training allows him to quickly build rapport & mutual respect with his learners.
From previous experience he is able to understand the realities they face and is able to translate current management thinking into pragmatic interventions.

After starting his working life in financial services, Ian then moved to Human Resource Development. For the past 14 years Ian has run his own training and consultancy business and has been a training associate for Ashorne Hill.

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Ashorne Hill are very, very strong in a number of areas, particularly management development of team leaders, supervisors and first line managers.
Anonymous, Management Development Manager

Ian has been involved in several major initiatives at Ashorne hill including, KTP training, DHL, BT and Cemex. He prides himself on his ability to quickly build rapport & mutual respect with learners at all levels of management. He grasps the realities that they face and translates current management thinking into pragmatic interventions they can successfully use.
Ian recently rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with a colleague and was able to test some of his theories in an extreme environment! He now also delivers motivational & goal-setting seminars based on this experience.

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Ian’s Qualifications

Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
NVQ Assessor
ILM & CMI trainer
BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering