Posted: 3 March 2020

The Coronavirus is still in its early days and whilst there are still many unknowns and a vaccination is unavailable, the spread of the virus around the World continues to raise concerns.  The advice and guidance available for businesses is relatively limited at this stage, so our business decisions have been made around current recommendations by both the NHS and the WHO. 

 We would like to assure you that whilst Ashorne Hill has been watching the events unfold we have steadily been implementing duty of care measures for both visitors and (our) staff that we believe are appropriate at the time.  Of course, we will continue to follow any changes in advice from the NHS and Government as they arise.

All visitors to AH will be required to make declarations that they do not have symptoms of Coronavirus nor been in contact with others who do within the last 14 days. If declarations cannot be completed to our satisfaction, Ashorne Hill reserves the right to refuse entry to our site.