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Leoni Case Study

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Leading for improved performance

For almost a decade, Ashorne Hill has proudly worked with Leoni to deliver engaging and transformative learning programmes for Leoni’s evolving workforce. By facilitating experiential learning programmes ranging from graduates to leaders, Ashorne Hill has helped Leoni develop and prepare their employees for the future world of work.

The Background

Leoni is a well-established global provider of wiring and cable systems to the automotive industry. Founded in Germany in 1917, they have seen significant growth and expanded their success in over 31 countries with an estimated 95,000 employees. Known for their innovative passion, Leoni continuously strives to meet the needs of their clients here in the UK and around the world.

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The Challenge

Leoni wanted to find a way to equip their emerging managers and leaders with essential people and business skills to build stronger relationships with team members and stakeholders whilst driving team performance even higher. The programme needed to help learners raise awareness about themselves and others, as well as embedding the beliefs and attitudes of the company within the learning content.

The Solution

Emerging Leaders Programme

Ashorne Hill designed and delivered the Emerging Leaders programme which was structured around the main components of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and influence. This programme was designed with learner impact and learning transfer at its core, focusing on knowledge sharing, experiential learning, reflection, and action planning.

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The Structure

Leoni leaders and managers began with an onboarding webinar which provided them with an overview of the programme to prepare the learners. Their own managers are also asked to attend so that we can expand receptivity and further improve the embedding of new skills and knowledge. The programme was split into 2 journeys; ‘Self-Understanding and Social Understanding to Drive Performance’ and ‘Leading for Improved Performance’. These journeys delved into psychological and experiential learning through a blend of virtual classrooms, face-to-face sessions, and action learning sets (guided coaching and mentoring in small groups) to keep learners fully engaged and helped them retain, explore, expand, and apply knowledge.

After a month following the experiential learning at our premium facility, the cohort separated into smaller groups to workshop real-life situations. These action learning sets took place at Leoni and demonstrates another way we promote the transfer of learning from the training room to day-to-day work activities. We also encouraged learners to put their knowledge to the test and further develop their critical human skills by setting future goals and objectives. The progress and findings are shared with the HR department at Leoni which is then fed to the line managers of the individuals to continue their learning development.

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The Outcomes

Our Emerging Leaders programme has significantly helped managers and leaders at Leoni to build and develop their essential human and business skills to prepare them for the future world of work. Take a look at our exceptional outcomes from the learners themselves!

91% excellence rating for the relevance of the programme to employees’ specific job roles.

Concise and clear: Learners found the content was easy to follow as points were made clear during the presentation and discussions. “Easy to follow material and kept us very engaged.” – Nathan Viney

Practical and informative: By implementing real-life scenarios into the learning content, learners were able to challenge their thought process and further their understanding of themselves. “The programme was an eye opener and made me think outside the box.” – Ryan Arrowsmith

Learners were impressed by the programme’s tailored delivery to the audience, especially with the use of everyday life examples and experiences. They appreciated how the programme dedicated time for the discussion of individual situations with insightful advice and guidance by the learning facilitator.

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