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Welcome to Ashorne Hill, the home of learning and development.

Thank you for connecting with us at the Personal Development Summit in Madrid!

It was a pleasure meeting you and finding out more about your organisation and team. We hope you had a wonderful trip and got involved in some insightful conversations.

This page is created just for you, to share further details on our discussions during the event, and showcase Ashorne Hill – highlighting who we are, and how we help organisations like yours to get the very best out of your people.

If you would like to continue the conversation with us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by clicking the button below or our personal contact information can be found on the left.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Claire & Lisa


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Who We Are…

We are Ashorne Hill, and we help realise human potential through our ability to connect with our learners on a more personal level, building lasting relationships that transcend transactional attendance on a course and serve them and their organisations long after the programme ends.

With over 65 years of learning experience, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide transformative learning journeys that inspire people to explore, discover and navigate the evolving world of work.

We are committed to delivering new experiences with digital, virtual, and face-to-face tools that unlock human potential.

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What We Do…

As the home for learning and development, we create learning experiences that nurture and inspire:


  • Tailored Learning Experiences
    We design, develop, and deliver tailored learning experiences to suit your requirements.
  • Blended Learning
    Our learning is delivered in various formats including a mix of digital, virtual and in-person learning environments.
  • Experiential
    We use inside and outside environments to create the best experiential learning journey for you and your colleagues.
  • Interactive
    All our learning experiences are highly interactive to empower growth for people, teams, and organisations.
  • Scalable
    Our learning is delivered at scale to bring your colleagues closer together no matter where they are.
  • Accredited
    We provide accredited learning which is delivered by qualified Learning and Development professionals.
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What’s Coming Up Next?

Join us as we host the perfect event for Learning and Development Professionals.

Meeting of Minds is a free event which provides a safe space for champions of learning to come together to share current organisational strategies and challenges, discuss different approaches, share current and future learning trends and be part of the evolving conversation.

Our last event was a huge success as we were joined by industry professionals across various sectors to discuss The True Value of the Human Experience. Our Keynote speaker Steve Hicks (Senior L&D Manager) inspired the crowd as he challenged them to think about the challenges learning and development professionals face in the rapidly changing world of work, and how we can adapt our learning practices to engage the HUMAN in our human resources.

Our next event will be hosted on Thursday 16th May

Join us live at Ashorne Hill to:

Meet and network with Learning and Development peers

Participate in round-table discussions about the latest hot topics

Listen to a keynote speech

Immerse yourself in Warwickshire’s natural environment

…and let your creative juices flow

To keep up-to-date, please join on LinkedIn Group by clicking below.

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Ashorne Hill, taking organisations into the future of Learning and Development, but don’t just take our word for it, view our latest testimonial here 

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